Tilbury Fort

Apr 17, 2020


Tilbury Fort is a Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed English Heritage site. The site is a historic artillery fort originally built by King Henry VIII to protect London against enemy ships sailing the down Thames and attacks from France in the 16th century.  The Fort remained in use throughout the Second World War. It is protected under UK law as a scheduled ancient monument with the officers barracks being a grade II listed building.  The surviving buildings of the fort, particularly the 17th century gatehouse, have significant architectural and artistic relevance due their rarity. 

Tilbury fort is located on the North bank of the River Thames in Essex and surrounded by marshland, docks, roads, a power station and sewage works. It is set on an unusual pentagonal plan and is greatly affected by earth movement and exposed to salty air. 

Tilbury Fort is located close to the large Tilbury Docks facility. Tilbury Docks are currently constructing a new port terminal at the site of the former power station, east of Tilbury Fort, this project is named Tilbury 2. 

Cahill Design Consultants was commissioned by Howe Chartered Surveyors to undertake a programme of construction vibration monitoring during construction works for Tilbury 2. The monitoring was required to comply with Planning requirements relating to the development, to ensure that the historic Tilbury Fort was protected from the works. The vibration monitoring has been undertaken over a one year period, which concludes in April 2020. 

The vibration levels were remotely monitored by the CDC team in real time, allowing for instant feedback to the Contractor on vibration levels. 

It is rare opportunity to work on a unique historic site such as Tilbury Fort and it was a pleasure for the CDC team to play a part in protecting the buildings on the site for the future.